What Is Play?

Play is pedagogical. Play is not always fun but it is always stimulating. Usually play is regarded as “the business of childhood”(cpha). Play is an “integral part of every child’s healthy development”(cpha). However I think play should not be only an integral part of childhood development but a lifelong development...

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When Should We Play?

Play time is all the time. Or play time should be all the time. I know most of you are critical of this statement. And if you are critical of this statement and have not read “What Is Play?”, I would urge you to read that before reading this....

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Where Does Play Happen?

When we ask where does play happen? We are asking what environments are conducive to play. We as human beings shape our environment through our activities. We manufacture a synthetic reality in which we normalize into our everyday. At this junction in time, we are interacting with the physical world less and less....

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Why Do We Play?

We play to have fun. We play to stimulate. We play to educate. We play because we must. We play because the world does not fit our needs. We tinker and design our environment to better fit our needs. As human beings we do not merely exist in reality, rather we construct our own realities whenever we are confronted with a reality that does not fit our needs...

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How To Playfully Teach?

A learning culture marked by fear of disappointment, minimizing risk, and extrinsic result-based attitudes is generated by an intensified emphasis on measurable success and appraisal in higher education. There is a need to comprehend the implications of a more playful approach to education, especially towards higher education... 


Learning Through Play

Some might question the difference between Learning Through Play and Learning By Doing. Although on the surface they might be very similar, they operate with two very different mentality. Learning By Doing implies that by doing something over and over again, we naturally adapt and learn. Which is true but I think it fundamentally misses the point of learning... 

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I am not a genius and these ideas do not come from me solely. I am merely a normal human standing on the shoulders of giants. If you would like to learn more about the pedagogy of play. Please check out these references! 

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This year students will call upon their inner “childish” selves and learn and adapt to an unfamiliar world/objects. Students will play with 1 object and 1 topic, culminating in the end with 1 presentation/podcast...

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