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Intro on Metamodernism

Architecture was in a crisis for the last couple of decades. However, whether it was pure luck, TRUMP, or the aftermath of COV-19, we have left the dark ages that postmodernism have given us and entered into the limelight of the Metamodernist movement.

By being a generation that was raised up in the 90s and early 2K, with Family Guy and South Park, Our default inclination to everything is a postmodern irony and cynicism. Yet as we grow older and older we tend to then have a yearning for purpose, for the truth, for sincere and constructive progression and expressions. This desire and drive have seeped into the mainstream culture of today. No longer are we the cynical 12 year old watching Family Guy every night on Fox at 8pm but now we are the producers and builders of tomorrow's culture.

Metamodernism is not a rejection of the ideals of postmodernism because we have learned that total rejection of the status quo would only lead to the separation and division among architecture theory and discourse. Postmodernism can be characterised by nihilism, irony, deconstruction, and a total rejection of the “big picture” , however the Metamodernist discourse comes with a renewed vigor in sincerity, romanticism, hope, truth and can be sometimes wrongfully described as naivety whiles not forgetting about the cynicism and skepticism toward an ideal; traits which we have learnt from postmodernism.

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